Trademark Notice

This page serves to notify visitors that certain names and phrases used on this website are claimed trademarks of Keepers, LLC. Our company actively asserts its intellectual property rights and takes steps to protect them. Unauthorized use of our trademarks is prohibited.

Pending Trademark Registration:

“Keepers” is a trademark of Keepers, LLC., and is currently in pending registration status with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Other Trademarks:

The following phrases are claimed as trademarks by Keepers, LLC, and are used in our marketing materials, social media profiles, and on our website. These marks are a significant part of our branding and marketing efforts.

• “Build your own nearshore team”
• “Say goodbye to the dev shop”
• “Total Team Support”
• “the no-agency solution”

Intellectual Property Rights Assertion:

Keepers, LLC maintains verifiable records of the first use, continued use, and context in which these phrases have been used. We also maintain records that demonstrate how and when our leading competitors have not used similar phrases, establishing a clear timeline of our prior use.

Any unauthorized use of the trademarks listed on this page or any confusingly similar marks may constitute trademark infringement. Keepers, LLC actively monitors for unauthorized use of its trademarks and will take appropriate legal actions to protect its intellectual property rights.

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