🤸 Is Keepers a staffing agency? Dev shop?
⏳ How long does it take to contract a new team member?
💰 How does pricing work?
💰 What’s a typical rate per role?

This will depend on the role and local market rates. To give you an idea, our pricing page gives an example and cost breakdown for a Sr Software Engineer.

💍 Do the professionals contracted work exclusively with my company?

This is the case in over 90% of our contracts. We do part-time contracts to accommodate edge cases of a client that already has a dedicated team.

🇧🇷 What’s special about LATAM?
  • Time Zone (+1hr to +2hr difference from EST)
  • There’s a material cost efficiency to your company.
  • Professionals hungry for performance.
  • Excellent pool of experienced, friendly, and dedicated people.
  • Professionals who are very inspired and motivated to work with American companies.
  • The light cultural gap with North America.
😶 What happens if a team member hired via Keepers is not working out?
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